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Philosophy and Vision 
As women, we come to this world with the responsibility of providing the best environment for Life to emerge... 
Every stage of the’ Journey in a female body’ can become a gateway to the psyche, an opportunity for deep listening...

WE BELIEVE it’s time to break free from the cycles of suffering and blame and form authentic relationships to ourselves and each other.

It is time to honour the divinity in both feminine and masculine.


We WANT TO SEE a world where Men and Women, with their union, are co-creating magic on this planet and preparing the ground for the ‘Children that never forget’.


WE COMMIT TO  inspire, empower, support and educate  Men, Women & Couples to Improve quality of life. To hold space for healing, finding harmony within, with others and with nature.

We INVITE YOU to begin today and enjoy Living fully!


Why do we experience this internal conflict, which manifests itself as conflict with each and nature herself? How is it that we have become so disconnected from our bodies?  Why do we find ourselves into cycles of unfulfilled desires? What do we value and how much are we missing out from living Life fully due to our conditioning?

We live in a world where both the feminine and masculine are deeply wounded and continue to recreate cycles of blame and suffering, destroying the earth in the meantime.


Our institutionalized approach to life and a view dominated by data and logic, has swept away and disvalued anything that cannot be quantified. Allowing fear to control us, we have become disconnected from our core, unseen nature, our instincts and intuition, which have been silenced and suppressed by the strong patriarchal dominance.  

Between the age of Temples and now, sensuality and expression of love end eroticism have been labeled as sinful. We came to accept pain more than pleasure, and reciprocate this pattern in our reality of being women; from our sexual interaction, to birthing our children to verbal and physical abuse! We’ve learned to play the ‘game of sexes’ seeking to dominate the masculine through manipulation.

It is important to know the true human history and understand how we got where we are today. However, it wouldn't serve any purpose at this point and it wouldn't stop history from repeating itself. The only way to break these cycles is to heal, forgive and forget. To hold hands and expand our awareness, taking full responsibility for our part of the mess.

We believe that as women, we come to this world with the responsibility of providing the best environment for Life to emerge. Whether it is the earth or our own bodies, through the projects or the children we birth. We are the bridges for manifesting consciousness into being.


Every stage of the ‘Journey in a female body’ from menstruation to conception, from pregnancy to birth, can become a gateway to the psyche, an opportunity for deep listening.

It’s about time to come together as a community of sisters to remember what it feels to be a woman, uncompromised, raw, free… It is about time to share our stories and realise that we are the alchemists of our reality.


It is about time to approach ourselves with total honesty, compassion and courage and it's about time to heal by committing to our birthright to thrive.


From that space of collective healing we can stand as ambassadors of heart based relationships with men and prepare the ground for the ‘Children that never forget’.


The ‘keys’ are right inside of us!


Photo credit MBS Cyprus

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