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Opening Pandora's box

Life awaits just around the corner… And this is how I found HER...

In moments of great despair, there is always an ‘opening’ a call to dive deeper

In those moments the mind tries to find answers and ways to solve the mysteries of the heart

To make reason, blame or ‘protect’ that which feels

“Stay with me, feel me… fear not of the emotion, as emotion is a wave that moves only if you dare to shine light and ‘be’ with it”

In those moments, the answer is not to be found through the mind…

Give it up to that, which is behind all fabrication of life…

Somewhere, next door, there is the feeling which is the antidote to that great despair

However if the door to feeling is closed, then one cannot see what awaits….

It takes a great courage to move beyond fear … the greatest fear all being ‘death’

It feels like ‘letting go’ will kill you, the mind is scared as it doesn’t know the answer

For a moment it feels like you are going ‘against yourself’ but in that space between in-breath and out-breath, ‘the zero point’

Life awaits

You never die, only ego does

Beyond what we think we want beyond the scenario which we hold on to, even without realising

Life awaits

This is how I found HER

Following the thread of passion, that which keeps me alive, never too much, never too little, just enough to keep me on the wave of magic

A childhood dream all of a sudden unfolds in front of me, it always awaits just around the corner,

Perhaps the biggest dreams are well disguised behind our greatest fears

And this is how I found HER in this totally NOT linear reality



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