Tantric Treatments 

experience the healing power Tantra 


The body has a memory of who we are; it cannot lie...

Unprocessed emotions connected to our experiences and underline lifestyle stress are stored in the body’s cellular memory. Negative thinking patterns, trauma and trans-generational belief systems are also accumulated in the body as 'bio-energetic' blockades affecting  health and wellbeing.


Tantric Bodywork is a holistic therapy that uses deep tissue massage in combination with slow application of touch in a safe, sacred environment of trust and love.

Life force energy or Sexual energy generated in the body, is used to rebuild neurological connections overcoming negative imprints,  numbness and toxicity. 





A basic survival response to a traumatic experience, physical or emotional, is to ‘freeze’ or dissociate from the body (‘tonic immobility’) in order to minimise pain. Dr. Wilhelm Reich,  a psychotherapist and sexologist, was the first to describe this reflex phenomenon of self defence as 'Body Armouring'.

Unless there is enough maturity, consciousness or support to process negative emotions when they arise, they remain unprocessed  in the body causing emotional and physical toxicity and numbness. Back to top.



Toxicity stored in the body can come from either physical or emotional sources. 

Physical toxins can come from what we

  • Eat, drink, breath,

  • Stress levels, lifestyle choices and physical surroundings.

Emotional toxins include

  • Religious and cultural Belief systems that are against nature

  • Physical, Psychological or Sexual abuse,

  • Illness or traumatic accidents

  • Medical examinations and operations etc. 

  • Complicated Childbirth  

Traumatic experiences that have happened in childhood can include: 

  • Violent birthing process

  • Change from breastfeeding to bottle feeding,  

  • Parents divorce,

  • Exposure to seeing violence and trauma in real life OR in the media, etc.

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Deep tissue massage in combination with slow application of touch in a safe, sacred environment of trust and love,  allows the receiver to engage his or hers sense of feeling. This allows trauma to be accessed directly from the body releasing the emotion stored in the cellular memory.


Sexual energy is used to break down barriers of guilt, fear, shame etc., limiting cultural beliefs and release emotional pain. It ignites the body's self-healing mechanism and facilitates balance physical, emotional and mental balance.

The receiver is encouraged to use Tantric breathing (explained during our session) to stay present in the body in order to feel and transform all that has been suppressed.  This process shifts the neurological pattern,  breaking the mind-body cycle allowing new brain pathways to happen and therefore overcoming past trauma.

A combination of de-armouring  and emotional release techniques are effective in transforming stagnant barriers, belief systems of fear, guilt, sadness etc. and self imposed, cultural or social limitations. This release of emotional pain that has been trapped in the body opens up the flow of Life force energy activating the self healing process. Back to top.



  • Sexual dysfunction 

  • Fertility problems 

  • Depression, Anxiety or stress

  • Addictions

  • Feeling insecure

  • Body image issues and self acceptance

  • Controlling or aggressive behaviours  

  • Low self- esteem or feeling inadequate

  • Improving relationships 

  • Increasing ability to feel pleasure

  • Confidence and speaking your truth 

  • Ability to receive and give intimacy

  • Moving from fight or flight (defence)  to Ecstasy


Specific benefits for Women HERE

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