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Birth Doula Support
As your body and soul opens to bring life into being, 
you are always alone (all-one)... but I am there with you whispering, 'Woman I see you'   


Not one woman is the same as another; through my work I offer a personalised support system to accompany you and your partner all the way through your  pregnancy birth and the first hour of bonding with your baby.


I am one of the few Doulas based in Cyprus since 2013. I support women and couples in the birth choice that is right for them (including VBAC, home birth, medically assisted birth and anything in between). I also offer online support as an option.

My role is to be led by you and it is often emotional, practical and informational, offered unconditionally and without judgment. If you want to have a joyful birth experience and  make the most out of your pregnancy journey, contact me to discuss your options. 



You want to feel EMPOWERED and in CHARGE of your own BIRTH

You are looking for a more NATURAL BIRTHING JOURNEY,

whiles being OPEN-MINDED about options when things don’t go as expected

You are looking for ways to CONNECT deeper with your PARTNER during pregnancy

and to find SUPPORT during BIRTH 


Personalised pregnancy and labour support - someone to really BE there for you

Help you communicate with your medical care providers 

(bridging your desires with their ideals and boundaries)

Offering tools that can help you during labour

Answer all your questions about birthing options/ birth plan preparation

I am 'on-call' for you 3 weeks before your birth 

Find out how your partner can be involved during birth (if applicable) 

Safeguard the birthing environment, reducing BIRTH TRAUMA for mother and baby

Support for the father during birth ​(if applicable) 


*Suitable after the first trimester

I see BIRTH as a SACRED ACT...

With my work I want to revive the sense of Birth as a NATURAL, JOYFUL process that TRANSFORMS everyone involved!

I want see women feeling EMPOWERED, SUPPORTED and HONOURED during birth, TRUSTING their Body's WISDOM and INSTINCTS

Stefanie N.


"...Ευτυχως σε καποια φαση του ταξιδιου μου, αποκτησα για συνταξιδιωτη τη γλυκεια Στεφανη. Και τοτε το ταξιδι μου απεκτησε νοημα. Ηξερα που πηγαινα, τι ηθελα, και πως θα φτασω εκει! Η Στεφανη ηταν εκει, προθυμη να με ακουσει, να μου εξηγησει, να μου λυσει ολες τις αποριες, να μοιραστει μαζι μου την αγωνια, το φοβο, τη χαρα, τα δακρυα, την εκσταση! Και οταν το ταξιδι μου εφτανε στον προορισμο του η Στεφανη ηταν εκει σαν φυλακας αγγελος να με στηριζει, να μου εξηγα, να μου δινει δυναμη, να απαλυνει τον πονο μου.. χωρις αυτην δεν θα τα καταφερνα.. και με εκανε να νιωθω περηφανη για οσα τα καταφερα!"

 - Στέλα Λ.

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