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Image by Dainis Graveris



Touch is one of the most direct methods of establishing deep connection with another as well as expressing love and compassion. This practical day-retreat  is a  space where the couple can SLOW DOWN and spend QUALITY TIME with each other, while discovering the ancient art of Tantra in the relationship.


We start by exploring the natural dynamics between the couple and deepen into finding joy in both giving and receiving. We then dive into the guided journey "Ritual of Touch" for partners where you are accessing a state of 'timeless' with each other.


You will learn to re-sensitise the body of your partner through touch and feel the benefits of activating the hormones of ecstasy for nourishment, relaxation and pleasure.


You will leave with practical TOOLS & KNOWLEDGE to supporting deeper INTIMACY & CONNECTION outside the bedroom) as well as building foundation for heightened Sexual experiences. No previous experience of Tantra is needed


In this  5 h journey you will learn


✨ Basic male and female anatomy of pleasure 

✨ Emotional connection + communication of needs 

✨ Types of ‘Tantric touch’ 

✨ O -Yoga for couples

✨ Giving and receiving - exploring boundaries / desires / fears

✨ Tantric Massage Ritual for couples 

Exchange €666 / couple - Payed  upon Booking

(Includes all materials & snacks

Dressing code; comfortable clothes, undressing according to your level of comfort for the massage part

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