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Tantra for Men

"Redirect your Energy and Decode the path to Integrity”

In a society where boys are brought up with the notion that ‘men don’t cry’ and showing emotion is a weakness,  men usually become disconnected from their emotions, hardening up, finding it difficult to express their feelings and closing off from real intimacy. Most of 'sex education' comes from porn and this is hugely misleading, creating unreal expectations from women and performance anxiety in men. 


I want to see men connecting their potent sexual power with their deep hear-rooted sensitivity   and presence, that allows the mystery of deep intimacy to unfold. I desire to see men standing fully in their power; a power that is not merely self-serving, but it's rather deeply rooted in vulnerability and serves life.  


I share Tantric techniques to help you reprogram your sexual blueprint by accessing and redirecting sexual energy and learning about the tantric edging technique - separating ejaculation with orgasm. This will give you access to the healing benefits of orgasmic energy, last longer, feel energised instead of depleted and upgrade your erotic response.



  • Ejaculation problems (Premature ejaculation or inhibited ejaculation)

  • Erection problems (erectile dysfunction)

  • Low sex drive

  • Pornography addiction

  • Shame and conditioning around sexuality

  • Fear of intimacy

  • ​Control and anger issues 

  • Separating ejaculation with orgasm - expanding orgasmic response

  • Learning about pleasure spectrum

  • Improve understanding of women


Tantric Exposure for men stands as an opportunity to inspire you in finding your own way into Integrity and meet the next level of yourself.

It is a 3 - month program 



 * 1 setting foundations session

* 5 personalised meetings of education & practice  (1.5 h / session)  

*1 man-to man session with my collaborator

 *  Unlimited access to me for support for the 3 - month duration of the program


  • Tantric and Tao techniques to help you reprogram your sexual blueprint

  • To access and redirect your sexual on demand experiencing the healing benefits of orgasmic energy, last longer and meet a woman in her orgasmic window

  • The tantric edging technique - separating ejaculation with orgasm

  • Become comfortable with deep emotional intimacy and allow that to become the foundation of your relationships

  • Speak your truth with power and love

  • Secrets to help a woman open up

Build a healthy relationship with your lingam (penis)

Pleasure as medicine; for focus & vitality 

Tantric Exposure package


Man Looking Out to the Mountains

" I felt a tremendous amount of release, especially around my chest which had been blocked for probably forever. I was extremely grateful also in that I was able to come out of my trigger and judgment to stay open and receive and connect. It was a very very positive process for me, and I felt very grateful for this opportunity. As Stefanie said 'it's all perfect'".



- Jay.S. Chiang Mai , June 2018

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