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In this workshop we will come in circle to shine light on the ‘Female Anatomy of Pleasure’ from both the SCIENTIFIC as well as the MYSTICAL (tantric) perspectives. This workshop IS FOR YOU if you want to 🦋 Be empowered by learning about your own body (beyond the textbooks!!!) 🦋 Make a step towards becoming comfortable speaking about your intimate anatomy 🦋 Learn about the different glands (or pleasure spots) and their practical contribution to your health and wellness 🦋 Practice Pelvic floor Yoga to both strengthen & relax your pelvic floor 🦋 Nurture the relationship to YOUR BODY 🦋 Learn the basics of ‘Yoni massage’ as a self practice 🦋 Be held & witnessed in your story ✨ ✨✨This workshop is designed for females (vulva owners) only and everyone will be FULLY clothed! ✨✨ ✨

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