Can you imagine bringing your children into a world of love and safety? How the quality of human kind could improve in one generation by changing our birth practices?

An experiential workshop where we will be exploring tools for communication and connection as a pregnant mother with her self and as a couple with each other.

An opportunity to re-evaluate your relationships from a fresh perspective and build the foundations of your new family. 


birthing in love . the foundations of a new world 


Oxytocin and the ‘science’ of love; hormones of birth and how to activate them naturally

Non-verbal communication during labour

Cultivating the ‘birthing field’

Woman – man – baby dynamics

Having an intimate birth in a clinical environment

Senses as perceptual systems – the first imprints of life

Accessing the wisdom of the body

Welcoming your baby art project


 “So rarely in our lives do we have the privilege to be in union, non-separate from another with a shared intent or purpose. Such is the opportunity during labour and birth. We must take notice and give ourselves permission to engage in this type of intimacy”.  Heather Mains