Thank you for responding to the callings which brought you here... there is a reason for this, so trust it!

Somewhere, inside you, there is a timeless yearning  to reconnect with your wild beauty, your raw freedom and playful innocence. You are longing to feel safe in resting deeply into your body and surrendering to your senses, to celebrate your nature and find peace in being the authentic You with no compromise. You are here to make love with life and laugh your heart out. You are here to flirt and nurture the fire that holds life together. You are here to birth pure consciousness. 

You may have realised that you must go beyond cultural expectations and social norms to access your full potential.  It takes a great amount of trust and willingness to "Open Your Pandora's box", your chest of treasures disguised beneath your deepest fears, judgments and wall mounted wounds.

In this decision, of re-membering yourself you choose to navigate the "Game of Life" in response to the 'keys' that you have placed along the way, which will guide you to "The Garden of Eden".  You come to align with your deepest dreams and embody your potential to create.  In your reconnection to the authentic self, you own your wisdom as a woman and all of Life celebrates with you. You are not alone (all-one) and your faithful relationship to Life is universally supported and rewarded in All levels.  


Women Awakenings Academy was born through the commitment and dedication to Life. The desire to live uncompromise, free, raw..."  

Specialised gatherings in the forms of courses, workshops, retreats, excursions or consultations meet You at the different stages of your journey, to honour the female body and explore the potentiality of its innate sentient wisdom. You are invited to explore your fears and conditioning, to heal, restore and take responsibility for your birthright to thrive!  

Tools and Teachings, blending together the art and philosophy of ancient sacred practices and modern science are shared to facilitate the awakening of your true feminine power. 

We co-create a supportive, safe and intimate container, which encourages authentic expression and celebrates uniqueness.We remember the beauty of surrendering to our senses, finding power in our venerability and we come to enjoy being seen for who we are.

 Through this collective being-ness we ignite a conscious reconnection to the "Great mother"  and prepare the ground for "The children that never forget". 





Why do we experience this internal conflict, which manifests itself as conflict with each and nature herself? How is it that we have become so disconnected from our bodies?  Why do we find ourselves into cycles of unfulfilled desires? Where do we place our value in our days and how much are we missing out from Life due to our conditioning?

It is important to know the true human history, how we got where we are today. However, it wouldn't serve any purpose at this point and it wouldn't stop history from repeating itself. Allowing fear to control us, we have become disconnected from our core, unseen nature, our instincts and intuition, which has been silenced, suppressed and dominated by the strong masculine polarity internally and externally.

Conflict, poverty, war and exploitation of all sorts are highlighting the world news headlines suggesting an imbalance between the polarities that rule our planet. 
The only way to break these cycles is to use the knowledge which is available to as this magnificent time, to expand our awareness and embody our full potential.

Every human being holds ‘codes’ unique for his made. It is our greatest ‘obligation’ to allow this uniqueness to be expressed and shared.  The world needs you for exactly who you are! 


For centuries humanity has been lacking true examples of feminine embodiment. Our institutionalised approach to life has swept away and disvalued anything that cannot be quantified. We have become neurotic, one sided, in our expression, as Jang would describe this situation,  like children suffering from a divorce where the mother figure is away. 

Women are the key holders for birthing a new consciousness, the carriers of the future of our species. The innate qualities of a woman's body for sensuality, sensuality, fertility and birth are access points to the cosmic psyche!

It is about time to come together as a community of sisters to remember what it feels to be a woman, uncompromised, raw, free… It is about time to share our stories and realise that we are the alchemists of our reality. It is about time to heal take responsibility for our emotions and its about time to approach ourselves with total honesty, compassion and courage.


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