Stefanie Nicolaou is the founder of Women Awakenings Academy. Her works is focused on empowering women to embrace their true pow
er through their unique journeys and find piece in creating the life they desire. She works as a doula and a holistic fertility specialist and runs workshops and retreats for women and couples.

"I have studied Medical Genetics, the 'codes' that hold life together and Clinical Embryology at the University of Oxford, learning about the science of conception, fertility and pregnancy. Training alongside highly inspiring figures in the field of natural birth, such as Michelle Odent, I have become a Birth Doula and dedicated myself in serving this timeless art of birthing.  

 My desire to live in a world without conflict and suffering has lead me to study vibrational medicine, quantum physics, shamanism, Tantra and ancient bodywork practices. Accessing this source of wisdom I find myself at a point where I see science and spirituality, the physical and metaphysical, simply as 2 sides of the same coin. This interconnectedness of the 2 polarities that govern existence is the basis of my work.  

The commitment to follow the magnetism of life beyond limited beliefs and predetermined notions of 'domestication', is the heartbeat of my compass. I found myself in the heart of the redwood forest, in California, an eco-community in Sierra Nevada, Spain, a Shaolin Buddhist monastery in Germany, scientific conferences and drum circles, native Indian tribes, road trips and boats.

 I lived around people from all walks of life; from great 'gurus' and shamans to medical pioneers, artists, travellers, investors, people who 'had nothing' and people who 'had everything'. The ongoing 'University of Life', where every moment, every encounter carries a great teaching if we are courageous enough to take it in. 

 Women Awakenings Academy was born through this journey in in order to facilitate a reconnection to the feminine. In this work, the innate qualities of a woman's body for sensuality, sensuality, fertility and birth are used as access points to the psyche.

My research is focused on how intimacy affects the human experience from conception onwards and how our birth practices can improve the quality of humankind. The aim is to neutralise internal conflict and restore the balance that govern our existence, taking the 'conflict' between the parts of our brain; neocortex, limbic and reptilian, as a starting point. In this research, the human brain is seen as the only organ, which obeys to the Newtonian and quantum realities. 

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every time we let go, something bigger is on its way to meet you